Everthine Jewelry

Each Everthine Jewelry piece is handmade in owner and artist Aisha Formanski’s studio, located in the heart of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District. Her work includes hand stamped jewelry with messages, often secret with a little bit of edge. Formanski is known for her use of natural stones and detailed surface design and producing heirloom quality pieces, ideal for passing down from generation to generation.

Aisha Formanski

Aisha Formanski is a Minneapolis jewelry artist that has worked in the DIY jewelry and beading industry since 1994. Aisha’s first book, Punched Metal Jewelry, 20 Clever and Easy Stamped Projects, was published by Interweave Press in 2013. Her passion for creating jewelry inspired Everthine Jewelry, which she opened in 2010. She also instructs a variety of jewelry making and metal working classes. Formanski currently resides in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Artist Statement

Making jewelry is more than making a thing to sell, it's so much more. Being a maker/jeweler/metalsmith, I create an item that will require work and adorn the wearer. This connection to my customer is personal and means the world to me; someone choosing to wear something made by my hands is an honor.

My love of metal and hand fabrication runs deep. The feel of my tools in hand as a piece comes to life is magic. And, when a customer sees and understands all that goes into a piece, we have a moment. When my pieces go off to their "forever homes" it’s sometimes emotional.

As a silversmith, I am constantly building on my skills to make what I envision come to life. Listening to my own inspiration, but also taking current trends into consideration, is at the forefront of what I do.

I attended traditional metalsmithing programs when I was young, but what I've learned in my recent years is what truly drives me to make handmade jewelry. In school, I learned the techniques; as a working jeweler, I've learned that the connections to my customers is what drives me to create better. They fuel my fire to grow as an artist.


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