Photograph by Melissa Hesse.

Everthine Jewelry

Everthine Jewelry owner Aisha Formanski creates handmade jewelry in her California Building studio, located in the heart of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District. Her work is known for its beautifully detailed surface design and use of natural stones. 

Aisha Formanski

Aisha Formanski has worked in the DIY jewelry and beading industry since 1994. Aisha’s first book Punched Metal Jewelry, 20 Clever and Easy Stamped Projects was published by Interweave Press in the winter of 2013. Her passion for creating jewelry inspired her to open her own business in 2010, Everthine Jewelry. She currently resides in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Artist Statement

Consistently tending to the minutia of each piece is a must for jewelry artist Aisha Formanski. Part of Aisha’s style is found in her precision and attention to the details, especially the surprise ones she often adds. From start to finish there’s no cutting corners, her jewelry must look good from all angles.

Aisha draws inspiration from her collection of precious gems and stones, their shapes and uniqueness, as well as the metals she uses. She began making jewelry as a child and has always appreciated how malleable metal is and its ability to change.

The process of making each piece also inspires Aisha. Whether hammering, soldering or stamping, she takes pride and pleasure in the tediousness of the work. The benefits of Aisha’s labors are revealed in her finished pieces, which boast strong designs with clean lines and seemingly effortless perfection.  


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