Tucson Gem Show 2018

The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show takes over most of Tucson for 1 month a year. Vendors and shoppers come from all over the world to buy and sell every kind of stone is every form you can imagine. It's also held during the coldest time in Minnesota, so it's a perfect time of year to head south. I've attended this awesome event almost every year since 2002. When I started I was shopping for a bead store, then I was attending the show to stay on top of trends in the DIY jewelry industry, and now I am purchasing stones for my jewelry business. 3 years ago I started a new tradition of traveling to the show with my buddy, Larissa Loden. It's really fun to attend the show with another jewelry maker. We can give each other advice, toss around ideas, and chat about the jewelry industry until we're blue in the face. We had a great 3.5 days of stone hunting, delicious food, and laughing. Below is a collection of images from the trip, with no description or explanation. You can figure it out. I have faith in you! Looking forward to next year!