Spring 2018 Photo Shoot!

During the 2017 Holiday season I was so busy (thankful & so grateful for that) that I was unable to work on any big picture ideas for my business. I was being inspired and learning more about business, but needed to wait for the mellow time of first quarter to tackle these projects. In January I took time off and traveled. I wrote and drew a lot in my business goals notebook, and thought about what I want for this growing biz. I decided that the first project I would tackle was a professional photo shoot. For years I have taken my own photos, but I've always wanted a professional photographer to shoot my jewelry. After researching local photographer's I found Bethany Catharine Schrock a.k.a. Beth Cath. I immediately fell in love with every images in her portfolio. We met, and had a great meeting. Bethany's vision and spirit was perfect. I found a model, hair, and makeup artists. Bethany organized a collaboration with a local fashion designer, gathered props, and two wonderful assistants, and we were ready to go! (Obviously there were many other steps in this process that I'm not including, trying to keep it short.) The day of the shoot I felt calm and excited. The team worked together seamlessly. And, we made magic!

Photography & Direction, Bethany Shrock
Jewelry, Everthine Jewelry
Wardrobe, Dallas Daws Designs
Model, Rianna Butler
Hair, Emily Roberts
Makeup, Katie Schneider
Photo Assistants, Katie Schneider & Julia Schneider