My Current Class Schedule at Quench Jewelry Art

June 12th & 13th - Fine Silver Fusing Workshop

This beginner level workshop will show you how to cut, shape and fuse fine silver wire. We will also discuss the differences between fusing and soldering, cover a variety of design options, and safety. Come and join us for a fun Saturday afternoon of fire and hammers! Leave the workshop with a number of different projects including rings, earrings, or a bracelet! Registration and class details can be found HERE

My Class at Peninsula School of Art

July 10-12th - Surface Exploration in Stamps, Fusing, and Silver Dusting

In this multifaceted workshop, you will explore three metalsmithing techniques with a different focus each day. With an emphasis on developing texture and design, you will have the opportunity to conceptualize and fabricate rings, bracelets, earrings, and pendants while learning new processes.

This workshop will begin with learning how to size, form, and solder sterling silver stacking rings or a spinner ring. An emphasis will be placed on surface texture using metal stamps and hammers. On day two, you will discover the differences between soldering and fusing, as you cut, shape, and fuse fine silver wire into a bracelet or pair of earrings. And on day three, take advantage of your filings and small silver scrap from the week to form and fuse a beautifully textured pair of earrings and/or pendant. You will also have the option to include a bezel set stone in your design. Registration and class details can be found HERE